7 email marketing strategies for lead conversion: A beginner’s guide

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Do you know how to generate more leads through the perfect email marketing strategies? Do you want to achieve better results? Don't worry we’ve got this covered for you.

Let's look at some of the fundamental ideas behind email lead generation and get you started on your business growth quickly with the most effective email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Strategies- Statistics and Interesting Facts

I hope we can all agree that email marketing is essential for business success. That explains why email marketing spends was expected to reach $350 million by 2019 in the United States alone.

That's a lot of money!

If you don't devote enough resources to email lead generation, you're throwing money away. After all, smart marketers don't spend money unless they expect a good return on their investment.

What is lead generation?

It's the process of generating leads through digital marketing for the business. Lead generation occurs when you ask prospects to fill out a lead capture form in exchange for something of value. B2B lead generation email marketing strategies differ slightly from B2C best practices. However, there is a lot of similarity between them.

The goal is to persuade your prospect to provide you with their contact information.

In some cases, you will need to collect phone numbers, assuming you sell a high-priced item.

Why Is Email Lead Generation Important?

Below is an infographic attached to give a clear picture of the importance of email lead generation.

Importance of email marketing strategies
Importance of email marketing strategies

1.Determine target audience - The most important of all the email marketing strategies

Who are your ideal customers, or "buyer personas"? You must get down to the nitty-gritty of your typical or ideal person. The more specific you can be with the data, the better. Consider the following characteristics:

  • Demographics: This information can range from age to gender, location to marital status.
Targeting people with email marketing strategies (Demographic, psychographic, technographic)
Targeting people with email marketing strategies (Demographic, psychographic, technographic)
  • Psychographics: This information goes beyond demographics to identify more individuals.
  • Technographic: This data is about the devices. Your audience's software and other "technical" characteristics.

All types of information are required when creating a customer profile (s). The demographic information will aid in identifying the type of person who is likely to purchase your products and services. The psychographic information expands on this and aids comprehension, the rationale for why the customer might make the purchase Finally, the technographic component assists you in determining where to reach your various audiences and on what device.

When it comes to where your target audience spends their time online, it is critical to find out where they hang out. What websites do they visit frequently? Which social networking sites do they spend considerable time on? Do they prefer email to other methods of communication?

This assists you in crafting the appropriate message and placing it in the appropriate context. If your target audience does not check their email frequently, they are unlikely to see your email campaign. The information you gathered for your customer profile, combined with knowledge of where your target audience spends their time online, will improve delivery effectiveness and help you create effective email marketing strategies.

2.Create an eye-catchy subject line

Creating a catchy subject using email marketing strategies
Creating a catchy subject using email marketing strategies

The first guideline for running a successful email campaign is to write eye-catching subject lines. The most essential element of all your email marketing strategies has been and will continue to be subject lines.

The subject lines are what most people use to decide whether or not to open an email.

So, if your subject lines grab your readers' attention, they are more likely to open your emails. So, how do you come up with eye-catching subject lines that get a lot of clicks?

To get you started, here are a few key points:

  • Keep it brief and simple.
  • Make sure it conveys the exact subject of the email. Use subtle humor in your subject lines to make it stand out.
  • Make it controversial or shocking to spark people's interest.
  • Make it more personal to make it look more valuable.
  • Use questions to spark people's interest and get more people to open their emails.
  • Use these suggestions to write subject lines that will increase your email open rates.
How to personalize your email subject lines

3.Keep it Short, Simple, and Visual

The attention span of people is reducing at a high rate, and it has become really difficult to engage with people via email for a longer duration. Nobody has the time to read long content, that is why it is really important to keep your email short and simple. Make sure that you clearly state your intended message to the reader, and avoid using unnecessary words.

With these email marketing strategies, the reader will be able to engage with you more easily. And also try to include visuals with your content. A written text, when displayed with the help of images, instantly attracts the reader and makes him more curious. The images and design that you will choose for email will depend on the types of email, which can be welcome email, thank you email, email giving information about an event, etc. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are having a conversation between two people, making your content human. Lastly, ensure that whatever content you write, aligns with the context.

4.Mobile Friendliness - the most neglected of all the email marketing strategies

No matter where you are in the world, no matter whether your class is high or low, you have the access to a smartphone. The number of smartphone users has increased drastically, thanks to the companies and their prices. Since most people have a smartphone, it is logical to think that they must be using their phones to open emails.

Almost 80% of emails are opened on mobile devices, which clearly means that we are living in a mobile-first era. Because of this, it is really important to optimize and design our emails/email marketing strategies in a mobile-user-friendly way. Some questions that you need to ask yourself while making emails are:

1) Is the design/template I am choosing mobile-friendly?

2) Which is the best font for a mobile email?

3) What should be the font size?

4) How long should the email be?

5) Are the images in the right place?

These questions will help you optimize your email in a form that is best suited for your user.

5. Segment clients based on their behavior

The behavioral segment is that method of sorting individuals into categories supported by the actions they take. Targeting a couple of those that have all simply taken identical action is far easier than attempting to expand one message to focus on individuals in numerous funnel phases or demographics. Segmented emails square measure merely additional powerful than generic ones. Emails and campaigns targeted around subscriber actions square measure additional personal and can elicit a positive reaction from your list.

Segmenting clients based on their behavioral patterns
Segmenting clients based on their behavioral patterns

With SendPulse, marketers can segment their mailing lists supported location, gender, occupation, age, behavior, etc. In turn, you can be sure that you are delivering acceptable and customized messages that appeal to customers.

Behavioral segmentation and automation make it possible to send effective campaigns to leads when they’ve completed any range of fascinating behaviors, all when you concentrate on alternative elements of your business.

The best part of this can be that you can also deliver a complicated custom email experience to subscribers. It isn’t a trick reserved for the massive players with deep pockets anymore.

6. Send a welcome email

For email marketing strategies to be successful, messages in promotional emails ought to be conferred perfectly. Many marketers and bloggers instinctively shudder at the concept of sending additional emails.

Content isn’t only for your website. It additionally belongs in your emails. People are more likely to have interaction with your emails — and open them in the 1st place — if you deliver exceptional worth in every message. this suggests stunning and delighting your customers with wonderful content. There’s an excellent form of different emails that marketers send. The selection of email style depends on the aim of every specific campaign. For instance, if a user has simply joined your mailing list, send them a welcome email. this can be a great probability to elucidate the advantages of operating with you.

Lastly to ensure that subscribers browse your promotional emails, decide the most effective time for causation emails. It is, therefore, necessary to experiment and verify the time once subscribers square measure most engaged

7. Call to Action(CTA) - The last of all the email marketing strategies for lead conversion

How to build a strong Call to action??

Below are few points to be used while devising your email marketing strategies:

Determine what your customers/users really want, accordingly prepare the CTA effectively. Once the client/customer clicks on the CTA button received in the email, the landing page of the website has to be customer-centric. We need to figure out what customer wants; maybe they want pricing, product info, or something else. So you need to put yourself into the customer’s shoes to really understand the exact requirement.

You want it to stand out: Once the customer is through the CTA button, your website (both in Desktop and Mobile version) should have a clear stand on to the customer requirement. One of the suggestions is to put a different color on the CTA button. This may catch the customer’s eye and may force them to click on it. If the content is long enough then, CTA should have constantly visible on the screen.

Make use of “Urgency” keywords like “Book/Buy Now”, “Book/Buy Today” etc.

Pictorial depiction would have a greater impact on CTA. Example images like below;

Some call to actions for effective email marketing
Call to actions for effective email marketing

Put some proof near CTA: You can put some proof like customer testimonials, the number of clients you have serviced, any recognition that you might have received from third-party organizations validating your success stories. Always remember:
Trust builds confidence in the customer and confidence builds conversion.


The process of creating effective email marketing strategies & generating email leads isn't one-and-done. Finding out exactly what your website visitors want and need takes effort. You can improve your strategy by using a tool like Hello Bar. Compare multiple versions of your offers with their built-in A/B testing, then test again. Perfect your headline writing abilities, prioritize quality over quantity, and never lose sight of the big picture. If you are generous with your audience, they will reciprocate.

If you want to go over our email lead generating best practices again, here's a useful checklist:

  1. Sort your email list into categories.
  2. Use drip email campaigns.
  3. Send the appropriate message to the appropriate individuals.
  4. Carry out lead scoring.
  5. Use catchy and fascinating email subject lines to nurture your email list with fantastic content.
  6. Make sure your emails have a simple appearance.
  7. Make one strong call to action.

What’s your favorite email lead generation hack?

Email marketing allows you to connect with leads, customers, and past customers. It's your chance to speak directly to them in their inbox at a time that works for them. Email, when combined with the right messaging, can become one of your most effective marketing channels.

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