Top 7 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is the Future of India

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In today's world, everything has gone digital. People are connecting and communicating online. According to The Times of India, Indians spend about 4.3 hours a day on mobile phones and the pandemic situation has made us see the power and potential of digital adoption. We have to agree that these online platforms have made our lives easier and the scope of digital marketing in India is on an uprise. In India, you can always find your target audience in different parts of the country. You cannot reach your target audience by not burning a hole in your pocket. But with the introduction of Digital Marketing, we have a promising future that is not just limited to one sector or one particular industry but has affected every industry in some or another way.

Again, thanks to digital marketing, you can now connect even to the most remote places with a single click. The future seems bright for India, and in this article, we have tried to cover the top 7 reasons why we think Digital Marketing is the future of India. It is not today limited to just Gen z or millennials, your father, mother, and even your grandparents are using and interacting with digital media maybe not on the same platforms as you. Therefore, it is easy for companies to find their target audience and the scope is broadened and brands are increasingly investing in Digital Marketing and establishing an online presence. Smartphone users in India can anticipate reaching 760 million by the end of 2021, indicating a bright picture of the potential.

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Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing

1. Shift From Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

Less expensive and more effective - People are now shifting towards Digital Marketing that mainly focuses on Digital platforms with their ads. Following are the essential reasons why people are moving from traditional marketing to digital marketing:-

  1. Targeting customers is much more effective in Digital marketing - Since we can select customers basis on their demographics, geography, psychographics, Likes/ dislikes, web browsing histories, and online behavioural patterns we can target our customers directly and in a much better way.
  2. In Digital marketing, tracking marketing campaigns is possible, using different marketing tools like CRM, google analytics, R programming, and excel.
  3. Digital marketing has organic channels like unpaid social media posts, SEO, blogs, guest posts, email blasts, and user-generated content.
  4. High return on investment - For any company return on investment is the most important thing. Digital marketing offers substantial returns on your investment.
  5. Retargeting the customers is possible via Digital Marketing.
  6. You can separate window shoppers from genuine buyers by creating your sales funnel.

2. Digital marketing is Gateway To The World

Digitization can be seen as the 4th revolution which has shown promising growth, not only within India but also on a global level. Since the time it has introduced it has positively affected every industry making things easier and more acceptable. This new economic era that we are living in has set some goals for a promising future. Encouraging economic growth and structural transformation have become the backbone of this revolution. The reinvention of technology and its application has introduced more skills and opportunities for the people.

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Globalization and Digitization

3. Direct engagement with the Target Audience

To understand what is the future of digital marketing in India, we need to understand the Indian market. A huge chunk of Indians, around 96% of them are on the internet for entertainment purposes, whereas 90% use it for communication and 82% use it for accessing social media platforms. About 45% have made some online exchange and, 28% consistently shop on the web which is forecasted to rise more in the coming future. All this said by now, you might have already understood the potential market that India holds in this digital space. The utilization of specialized instruments has extraordinarily changed in the year past post the covid crisis.

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Engaging Content creation

Nobody at any point thought to have a solid arrangement on the web or bought something credible online. The pandemic has added to shoppers observing more digital media and making a significant portion of their shopping online, speeding up the online business growth across India. These deviations in media consumption and consumer behaviour have set out an ocean of opportunities for brands to draw in new clients. In this case, the competitors are for the attention of those customers who are looking for better approaches to drive commitment. An increase in popularity has also been noticed in video ads and dynamic displays because it, provides higher interactivity and customer engagement.

Components of Digital Advertising

It is the job of a digital marketer to design ads, campaigns, etc., in such a way that they can trap the user. These are some of the important reasons why we got to know why the scope of digital marketing in India is bright because the higher the engagements the higher the conversions.

4. Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

Thoughts on content marketing by Bill Gates

The shift in buying behavior of end consumers has given us an understanding of the future of online marketing in India. People nowadays, don’t like the product to be forced on them but they want to choose and buy it voluntarily. Content marketing is the spine of a brilliant digital marketing strategy. With good content, one can produce top-notch leads, make thought-authority, and even draw in and increase engagement. India is shifting from an online medium that would create an ample amount of data every single hour which would eventually result in high chances to meet your proposed target audience. These days, good content and high engagement will help you stick out!

5. Increase in Digital Ad sales and a huge potential to grow

The use of digital marketing strategies has a direct impact on a company's profit margins and growth potential. Companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times revenue growth expectations. SMEs using digital marketing are 3.3 times more likely to expand their talent and business using ad sales.

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How big the Ad world is?

India's advertising revenue is expected to increase significantly by 2025 after a 27% plunge in 2020, with digital media advertising spending expected to overtake television (TV) advertising spending by 2024. Higher conversion rates generated by effective digital marketing techniques will bring you and your business better and higher income

6. Job opportunities In Digital Marketing

Each person continues to do something unique when it comes to their career and since we all know how much digital marketing is around the boom, a career in digital marketing helps us pursue the Win-Win situation. If you look at incoming career opportunities, there are many career opportunities in digital marketing. And the best part of this area is that you do not have to worry about what you belong to from the educational sector. Whether you are an engineer or a lawyer, it doesn’t matter you too can make a career in digital marketing. It is inherently very diverse and creative. Digital marketing professionals come in contact with the following areas of digital marketing :

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Opportunities in Digital Marketing
  1. Digital Marketing Manager: The primary responsibility of a digital marketing manager is to lead the marketing team and report to the company's digital marketing director or vice president.
  2. Search Engine Optimizer: Anyone dealing with SEO should tackle website analysis, review, and optimization using organic SEO techniques. You also need to develop content using strong keywords to increase the traffic on your website.
  3. Social Media Marketer: The role of social media marketers is to create a social media strategy, create content based on it, publish that content, and track a few key metrics like reach, impressions, etc.
  4. SEM: Search engine marketers are responsible for paid advertising on all search engines and display networks. If you aren't afraid of the numbers and have exceptional analytical skills, search engine marketing could be a great option.

If you're new to the field and haven't found the skills you're interested in, enrol in an online digital marketing course that will teach you all the skills you need in digital marketing.

7.Creative techniques to touch base with your target audience

How to target your audience?

If you want your company to prosper, you'll need good marketing, no matter how great your product is. We can't expect a household without children to convert to buying Baby Diapers. Traditional marketing aids in the targeting of a broad audience. Digital marketing employs a variety of tactics to pinpoint its target audience. As a result, the conversion rate is high. Following are some of the creative ways to touch base with your target audience.

Google Analytics for finding the target audience

Google Analytics is a primary tool used in Digital marketing. It is a tool that gives us detailed insights into our site. On the dashboard, after you've opened analytics, you'll see all of the key findings. We will be using the audience tab in google analytics to find the base of the audience. Demographic, interests, geo, and behavior are among the audience sessions. The demographic session helps in finding the Gender and Age group of the audience. The Interests session aids in the discovery of all search keywords that lead the target audience to our product/site. Geo session shows location base of the audience and also their language. Behavior also tells us about the new and the returning audience.

Ad campaigns

Campaigns are essential for promoting your products and services. The most popular ad campaigns are Google Adwords and Facebook Ad Manager. Google Adwords uses the internet to target a specific population. Text advertisements, video advertisements, display advertisements, and app advertisements are all examples of ad formats. Facebook helps us similarly in creating an ad campaign like Google Adwords. They offer various advantages in adding to the actual conversion. The main advantage of using internet marketing campaigns is that they build a positive brand image. As a result, brand recognition and value also rise.

Influencer Marketing

For digital businesses, influencer marketing has fast become the go-to marketing strategy. You may more successfully reach your target audience by using the power of social media influencers. You partner with influencers to sell your business to their audiences in this type of marketing. By working with relevant influencers in your area, you can reach out to potential clients who seem to be interested in your brand or expertise. It allows you to generate quality leads and reach out to your target market.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is popular in India still only a handful of companies like Zomato, Ola, and Upstox are using it. Many organisations utilize a referral system to expand their reach and create leads. A referral system can help you increase your reach by leveraging the strength of your existing client base. You may provide your clients with a referral code to encourage them to share it with others. You may reach your target demographic fast and for a reduced cost this way.

In the end, we think the future of Digital Marketing is very bright because of its acceptability and vast adaptability. With all the technological and infrastructural backing, the entire Digitalization revolution, the day isn’t far when we would dominate the Digital world.

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