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Udemy vs Learneca

blog competition digital marketing 2 min read , June 26, 2021

Choosing the best digital marketing course online is very important. It will help you pave a path for your future career and if chosen poorly it will demolish all your interest in an amazing field like "Digital marketing".

Udemy vs Learneca digital marketing course
Udemy vs Learneca

FAQ before joining Udemy or Learneca digital marketing course:

Do the benefits provided by the course match the fees you pay?

Is Udemy digital marketing course free? The answer is no. The Fees may differ from the range of 500 Rupees to 9000 Rupees depending on the type of course. But the benefit you will be getting is just the completion certificate. Whereas in Learneca digital marketing course there are no upfront fees and the benefits are great.

Whether certificates will be provided in Udemy digital marketing course?

Yes, in Udemy digital marketing course certificates will be provided but they are not recognized by every employer out there. Whilst Learneca provides 5+ certificates including Google certificates. Exposure to tools like Semrush, Mailchimp, Hubspot, google keyword planner, and many more will also be provided.

Will the course provide career guidance?

Udemy will not provide any career guidance whereas Learneca provides you with career guidance with one-to-one mentorship with career guidance.

Does the completion of the Course guarantee placement?

Udemy has no placement guarantee, it is just a small course that might increase your knowledge about the subject but it will not provide you with practical exposure and hence no placement opportunities will be provided whereas Learneca will only ask for fees if you get placed as there is 100% guaranteed placement and no upfront fees - Pay only after you are placed.

Will you have practical experience?

Udemy will help you know the tools, but there would be minimum or no practical experience, whereas in Learneca you would have a chance to use the tools to be part of campaign emergence.

Will the Udemy course fun and exciting to do?

Udemy might be flexible but there is no fun and you will lose interest halfway and leave the course incomplete whereas in Learneca the learning is done in the most fun way possible which will help you make a better career in the digital marketing field.

Why should you choose Learneca over Udemy?

Comparison table for Udemy and Learneca digital marketing course
Comparison table for Udemy and Learneca digital marketing course

Learneca is India's 1st and only placement-based program in which the students are only asked to pay only when they are hired. The belief here is that the student should spend their time wisely and take care of the money alongside when they start earning after getting placed.

Learneca follows: Learn + Fun + Earn

Learn by Competing against other teams on real-time projects while you learn skills for life. Fun by Making new friends by collaborating on your academic projects + play fun games in teams every weekend. Earn by giving a placement guarantee.

All things considered, both Learneca’s course and Udemy digital marketing have their pros and cons. Udemy would provide you with courses and certificates at a very cheap rate. Learneca would provide you with Guaranteed Placements, Zero Upfront costs, Academic coach support, Real life assignments,3+ certifications (Google + Hubspot + Learneca).

Still don't believe it?

Then Apply here for Learneca Digital Marketing MasterClass. Start learning from experts at zero upfront fees.

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