Five must have soft skills for career growth

soft skills 2 min read , April 23, 2020
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While there is no doubt that your technical skills are important to land a job, soft skills play a bigger role in achieving professional success and advance your career. Before proceeding, let’s understand what soft skills are.

Soft skills are basically people skills which help you to communicate, collaborate and resolve conflicts at your workplace in an effective manner. Unlike hard skills, these cannot be easily pointed out, however, lacking them can affect the working environment leading to a dip in productivity. Here are 5 must-have soft skills.

1. Communication Skills

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Successful communication is one of the most important soft skills. It ensures proper coordination among the team members to handle challenging problems. Verbal, nonverbal and written communication are some of the essential components of proper communication. You should be able to convey your thoughts in a clear and concise manner.

In addition to this, you must possess good listening skills. Understand what the other person is trying to convey otherwise the communication will be one-way and futile.

2. Team Work

It can be challenging to work in a team. But, a good team makes the work easy for all its members. Work is less daunting when everyone is aware of their own role and understands the final aim. Being a good team player is one of the essential soft skills.

Know yourself well and use your strengths to the advantage of the team. In this way, you can help someone else and also work on your weaknesses. Communicative ideas effectively and remain open to suggestions.

An important aspect of being a team player is to resolve any internal conflicts and cooperate with each other.

3. Work Ethic

When you join a company, you are expected to be punctual, complete your tasks before deadlines and ensure that the work is perfect. Maintain a strong work ethic and show your commitment such as going that extra mile to meet the deadline. Have a growth mindset and be ready to tackle any difficult problem. In this manner, you will be able to learn faster and this soft skill would turn you into an invaluable asset. You can inspire others with your integrity which results in an overall positive mindset.

4. Time Management

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Conference calls, video meetings, text messaging - with all the instant communication tools, it is easy to get invested so much that you lose track of your progress and sway away from the primary objectives. It is important to be actually effective and not just appear busy.

While working in a team, it is crucial to manage your time so that you can focus on the important tasks that actually matter. This involves right scheduling, prioritising well and avoiding the distraction of the unimportant tasks.

5. Creative Thinking

“You’re not creating if your not first enveloped with passion for your work”
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People who think out of the box and use unconventional ideas to solve problems are of immense value. They help companies to innovate and beat the competition. Hence while working on a problem try to think from different perspectives and share your ideas with the rest of the team. Before any meeting, prepare well to understand the agenda and put your proposals which can also inspire others to think.

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