Five resume mistakes freshers must avoid

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Common Resume Mistakes

During a job search, it is quite crucial for freshers to draft a proper resume and proofread it multiple times, before the final submission. For the recruiter, it takes only one careless mistake in your resume to not consider your application. Additionally, in most cases, recruiters do not share the feedback with the candidates, if rejected.

So look out for these mistakes and increase the chances of fetching your dream interview.

1. Unnecessary designing

While making a resume, do not make it cluttered. Freshers waste a lot of time in figuring out how the resume should look. A clean resume is appreciated much more than one loaded with tables, graphics. Do not highlight terms such as Curriculum Vitae. It creates a negative impression. Your recruiter probably has to scan through hundreds of resumes. Thus, ensure your resume can be easily read.

2. Generic resume statements

Avoid using generic descriptions in your resume. For the Objective section, write a description which is only applicable to you. Otherwise, it portrays you as lazy and makes it easier for the recruiter to not consider your resume any further. You can take help for different sections but adapt them accordingly. It might seem boring to spend a lot of time in drafting your resume, but the minute details can make a big difference.

3. Hiding important information

There are certain pieces of information which must be there on your resume such as marks, year and school of graduation. If you have worked as an intern, then you have to provide the details of your organization and the relevant duration of the internship. For freshers, hiding any of these is a huge negative for your resume as it indicates something wrong that you are not ready to disclose.

4. Incorrect Grammar

Even one minor grammatical error on the resume means you have not paid the required attention to it. Please proofread the resume multiple times before the final submission. In addition to it, format the resume properly. This helps in easily identifying the important sections of the resume such as your education, work details, achievements.

5. Lying on the resume

To make the resume stand out, freshers often exaggerate their achievements or end up lying about them. Avoid this at all costs. Recruiters have gone through thousands of resumes in their lives and they can easily figure out the truth. Even if you manage to scrape through, a thorough background check might put you into trouble. Only include those points for which you can furnish adequate proof if asked for.

You know one thing! A well-curated Resume increases the chances of getting hired by almost 30%.

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