Five essential tips to increase work from home productivity

2 min read , April 23, 2020
work-from-home productivity
Boost your productivity while you work from home. (Rawpixel)

As we try to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis, Work From Home (WFH) has turned to be the new normal for a large number of professionals. What was earlier considered to be a choice is now a crucial aspect of their daily lives. And this can be hard for many. If you are someone who used to commute to the office daily, working from home can be a struggle. You have to balance between your work and life at home. However, there is no need to panic. Check out the following points to increase your work from home productivity and manage this challenge.

Fix a work from home routine

Photographer: Estée Janssens | Source: Unsplash

Without a routine, it is very difficult to focus on your tasks, as there is a lot going on. While it is true that you have saved the commute time, it is important to use it in the most effective manner. Fix a routine and follow it without any changes. This will help you to finish the tasks for the day and then move on to other things. And with time, you will realise that you have adjusted to working from home. Do not take this time for granted. A routine also makes it easier for your family as they know when you are occupied and when free. Otherwise, it can be possible that you continue working till late hours even when you started early.

Have a specific workspace

While at home, you might be thinking of working at your own pace while having a fair dose of relaxation. However, this will make you more anxious as you have not separated the work from your me-time. Having a space reserved only for work helps in setting the right mindset. There is no need to make it a sophisticated one, it can be as simple as a desk and chair. This will be a motivation to complete your task in an efficient manner and increase the overall productivity of work from home.

Exercise daily

Photographer: Cyril Saulnier | Source: Unsplash

While you work from home, do not forget to schedule a time for your daily workouts. This can do wonders as your mind gets refreshed and you feel a lot more energetic. Even a 10-15 min session daily can be very helpful to keep you charged. It is not at all recommended to just sit the entire day and get up only for your meals

Check-in with your colleagues

Use the latest technologies( video conferencing apps, virtual playrooms) to your advantage and stay connected with your colleagues. Work from home can be quite overwhelming in times like these. Staying in touch and appreciating each other’s work improves the overall team coordination and gives the much-needed boost. You can take valuable inputs from someone who is managing this time well and incorporate that in your own schedule.

Be realistic. Keep going

Do not pressurize yourself to be super productive right from the first day. If you are new to this, take some time to figure out the software you need for work, understand their applications and you will be used to it in no time. Understand that now you have several decisions to make right from when you get up in the morning, how long you work to the appropriate time to take a break. Set realistic targets while doing them in your own way.

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