Is Just Getting Education At School Enough?

blog 4 min read , June 26, 2021

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

-Mark Twain

Indian education system

Some of us loved it, some of us disliked it and still many of us fight for the right to access it. School is a lifetime of experience that can either liberate someone or oppress it.

And to start things off, let’s just all admit that learning and schooling are two very different tangibles. But if you still think that both are kind of the same thing, then let us simplify it for you.

Difference between learning, education, and schooling

Learning is automatic, it is something we learn through our experiences in our day-to-day life. We see things, observe them, and then learn something new from these observations.

Whereas, Schooling simply means education received at school. The word ‘education’ is interpreted adversely by different human beings. While for some it is lifelong learning, others take it as a synonym for formal schooling.

Education is a conservative process that aids in the development of one’s abilities, attitude, thought process, and other behavioural-practical values in the society from which they belong to develop an individual’s potential.

How learning by practice is different from what we are taught in school?

In this article, we’ll tell you how education & learning are different from schooling. And how everything we are taught in our schools is often things that don't really apply in real-time.

To start with, our education system is killing creativity and curiosity by telling us that to succeed in this system. We have to learn how to think about complex phenomena in a certain constricted, linear, way.

In other words, If you tell someone that the only way to succeed in life is if they conform to a system of multiple choice answers. Then you are killing their creativity and teaching them to live in a certain way. It is like asking a fish to climb a tree.

The Indian education system is killing creativity

Failures of the Indian education system

The real lessons that are actually needed for life are often ignored and not taught in schools. For most of us, the school was more of a prison rather than a place where creativity and innovation are welcomed; it is more like a place where you are taught how to think, how to behave, and how to execute certain things in standard techniques and the sad part about our education system is that this conventional way of teaching and learning still exists.

In schools, we are so used to learning subjects separately; that now, when someone asks us the logic behind that particular thing we are not able to interconnect 2 subjects or maybe 3 at the same time. The reason behind this is because there are still so many of us who view this world as we have been told in our schools.

In general, we think that schools today have become places where we actively discourage thinking that is not predefined or approved by a larger social group of people and this, in turn, keeps us being disconnected from the systems around us.

But mind you, our argument is not for the abolishment of education; we still have miles to go in enabling equal access to literacy and providing young minds to actually think and allow them to thrive in life.

Having a more collaborative and interdisciplinary method would help develop creative learning processes rather than only learning subjects like maths and geography at school separately. Rather than taking sports as a substitute period to take extra math classes or as a free period. We should give importance to sports equally as any other subject.

Importance of physical activity in Indian Education

Why does our education system not give importance to sports, sports are just treated as a subject of “personal training” or commonly known as PT. This was a class period in which the maths or science teacher would argue to take over to complete the course. PT period is viewed as just a means for students to do physical exercise but it is far too important.

Sports should be a part of our curriculum and that also an important one as it makes students be prepared to face the challenges that the future beholds for them. Sports build qualities like leadership, teamwork, patience, accountability, self-confidence, responsibility, social skills, and many more. It increases the overall emotional quotient in a student.

How is Learneca different from schooling?

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